Contact Tracing and Reporting System

It enables people to protect their social distances in the workplace with the notification mechanism.

It measures interactions and provides historical reporting.

Increases Awareness on Social Distancing

Adapts to all conditions with Its quick and Easy set up and monitoring solutions

With the low energy WIFI & RF technology, it can monitor contact without location tracking.

Wearable hardware can be used by attaching it to the belt or safety vest.

Reports workers in close proximity when an infection occurs and automatically identifies risk groups.

With anonymous user profiles, it enables risk management without tracking

Tracks the proximation of your employees with each other using a light-weight RF device.
Calculates the distance of proximation and time of exposure.
Can precisely monitor proximation in a group of people.

In case of an employee is reported having symptoms of a contagious illness, risk groups who were in contact with the employee are reported automatically.

Man Down

Instant Health Status Notification System for Field Workers

Wearable assisted solution that protects your employees in an emergency situation, wherever they are

Using multiple positioning technologies such as GPS, GSM triangulation, Beacons and RF Transceivers, 3D Positioning System makes sure that workers are precisely displayed in a virtual map.
Positioning System is able to provide worker vital health data, altitude, measurements of accumulated harmful gasses in worker’s environment.
System dispatches search and rescue or paramedics in a situation known as “Man Down” in which worker requires immediate attention
System is able to operate with any Android based smart watch or wearable device.


Accident Prevention System

Factories, manufacturing plants and on-loading/off-loading zones are dangerous environments to work by their nature.
Forklifts, heavy duty carrying vehicles and humans share the same – sometimes really tight – space during everyday operations.
Proximity aims to eliminate or minimize accidents that involve humans and vehicles in these floors.
Each person carries a location device on themselves which is embedded to their security vest and vehicles are fitted with a special hardware.

Proximity system captures the positions of each person and vehicle iterating this 20 times a second.
In case trajectory of a vehicle intersects with a human, system automatically issues audial and visual alerts of the danger.
In case trajectories still intersect, Proximity system issues a shut down command to vehicle to avoid contact with humans.
Position, speed and direction information is available on a virtual map as well as heat-maps.